Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ASL Team "Just Not Feeling The Work Thing" Since Conclusion Of Bells Webcast.

BURLEIGH, Qld – ASL workers have been finding it increasingly hard to focus on their work since the Rip Curl Pro webcast concluded last Thursday 16th April.

“I was stoked for Joel, seeing him ring the bell and all,” an ASL staffer confided, “but I was dying a little inside, knowing that in a matter of minutes the webcast'd be over and the only thing on my computer screen would be the work that I myself was generating.

“Having a webcast playing away on a discreetly tucked-away window on my screen gives me real motivation to stay at my workstation. Even first round showdowns featuring Timmy Reyes and Miky Picon make it easy to stay at my desk for hours at a stretch.”

Even ASL Publisher Peter Morrison agrees, saying “At first I was dubious about the webcasts, but they seem to give real structure to the team's working day.

“I never see the boys as focused as when a comp's on. I see them concentrating so intently to their screens and I deadset get a bit teary.”

The blessings of the Rip Curl Pro webcast were not without consequences however. In the half hour the contest was relocated to high tide Winkipop on successive days, phone systems overloaded as the team addressed their growing banks of voicemail messages and dashed off a few priority emails.

Critically, the ASL lavatory system struggled to process the backlog of waste as most staff maximised the Winkipop relocation downtime to punch out a painfully-withheld shit.

All well worth the strain on the infrastructure and plumbing, according to one: “Getting paid to watch a surf comp? Sometimes I love my job.”

Alas, with weeks until the Billabong Pro Tahiti comes online, a dark and oppressive funk has settled over the ASL office, with aimless hallway wandering and listless trawling of social network sites again becoming the chosen methods of seeing the day out.

“We'll get by,” said one plucky ASL crewmember “It's just hard to, like, concentrate on writing and stuff without wondering if surfer in red can get out of combo-land with seven and a half minutes on the clock.”


  1. I can attest to that..after featuring our PNG trip in the travelogue section issue before last I still haven't seen a mag or the prizes as promised. Couple of emails going unanswered and even some phone promises to get on to it after Bells...has got me wondering if winners ever receive the goodies you guys promise. I would hate to be hanging out for a board.

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