Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Surf Forum Thread Veers Off Topic.

CYBERSPACE, Thursday – Internet experts are expressing alarm at the discovery of a surf website forum thread straying off its topic of origin.

“We've designed the internet - specifically the 'forums' or 'message boards' - as a way for like-minded individuals to exchange their thoughts, hopes and dreams, and engage in healthy, respectful debate” says Dr John Cohen, who invented the internet.

“This technology bridges distance and divisions of class, race and circumstance.”

“As these ripples of expression and perspective expand, and as more people join in and have their voice heard, we can't help but feel more empathy for our fellow man. We can all get on the same page, so to speak.”

Dr Cohen continued: “This is why today's discovery of a forum thread – that not only veered off topic but also became disrespectful and abusive – is cause for concern.”

“It would appear some forum enthusiasts used the disconnectedness of the internet to express opinions they might otherwise keep to themselves if, say, the object of their scorn was in the same room as them.

“Some even appear to not have fully thought their arguments through before pressing the 'submit' button – and a number of forum users seem to enjoy attacking and provoking others.

“One might suspect some deeper issues – completely unrelated to the topic at hand – fuel this need to antagonise strangers over subjects that are – in reality – extremely petty.

“Further, some participants have even posted their work under pseudonyms, which in turn has prompted other forum users to speculate if “so-and-so” isn't actually “such-and-such.”

“Halfway through the thread, the original forum topic has been forgotten.

“This is so not what I invented the internet for. And if this behavior continues I'm going to have to shut this whole web thing down.

“The surf cams, the swell maps, even the porn. Gone. Think about that next time you wanna share your half-arsed opinion with the fricken world.”